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Standart PANOS ASP Rule not triggering

Hello team.

I am faced with the issue with SEIM 9.6 where PANOS SYSTEM rule didn't triggering

Ex: PANOS System user failed authentication is enable for pang Policy



But such failed events goes to "unknown event".



Other PANOS SYSTEM events such as "Login in" didn't shows at all.

PANOS CONFIG, PANOS TRAFFIC and so on are not affected.

Please, help

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Re: Standart PANOS ASP Rule not triggering

Sounds like the ASP rule isn't matching either because the content match strings are not in the packet, or the regex is not being evaluated against the packets.

Eitherway, you should do the following;

  • Ensure you have the latest rules update
  • Check the output format of the PA
    • Login -> Device Tab -> Server Profiles -> Syslog
    • View your output profile, and ensure the Custom Log Format is default for all.
  • Possibly consider upgrading to SIEM v10 or 11.
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