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Setting up Nitro in VMware

I have installed VMware player in my 32 bit Windows7 machine and mounted McAfee_ENMELM_VM500 and configure the network in Bridge mode. I can access Nitro from other machine in my same network but not from my Host machine. Please Help me how to solve this issue.

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Re: Setting up Nitro in VMware

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Re: Setting up Nitro in VMware

So everyone else routes to your machine just fine and can access the SIEM, but your own machine (the one you installed the virtual appliance on) cannot access it? Do you get any type of error when you try accessing it from your host machine?

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Re: Setting up Nitro in VMware

Hey anand,

If you'd like to access the ESM UI from the same machine as your using to host the virtual environment on you simply need to: Create another VM (Windows 7 works) and make sure it's also setup as bridged on the network adapter.. You should be able to access your virtual ESM UI from there.


Jacob D

Re: Setting up Nitro in VMware

Try 2 network adapters in Bridge mode and set the IP in the same host network . It works for me.


My computer host gateway

Nitro gateway .

Re: Setting up Nitro in VMware

thanks all for your reply. I got the solution the problem was related to telnet and FTP.