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Searching for operating system

Good day everyone. I am new to the McAfee SIEM world and just learning the ins and outs. I went ahead and imported several linux servers into the configuration.  The Linux team also did their part and already are forwarding the logs into the SIEM.  If  I go to each data source where they made such changes I see the logs being received.  The issue is that I imported over 600 servers and they are making such changes by grouping the servers and forwarding logs per week.

Is there a way from the dashboard to search for all linux operating system forwarding logs? I did an operating system = Linux search and it only comes back with 9, and I know much more are being received.  Any guidance appreciated. Thanks

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Re: Searching for operating system


in the device tree (in the left of the Configuration Settings - GUI)

change from "Physical Display" to "Device Type Display"

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