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SSL Certificate killed the GUI

Posting this for whomever will need it later.

Situation:  Our SSL Certificate expired, we requested a new one.  The one issued to us by our organization and the incorrect information.  This was not noticed until the installion was completed and the GUI became inaccessable.  With command line access only to the ESM we followed the instructions provided to use by McAfee Supports Erich (lastname omitted). 


1) service cpservice stop

2) mkdir /root/old-hhtps-cert

3) cd /etc/httpd/ssl

4) ls -l      

     # to get the file names.

5) mv -v <filename>  /root/old-hhtps-cert/

    # repeat for all files

6) service cpservice start (we did not get this step to work, we used '/sbin/shutdown -r now' instead)

7) log in to the GUI and replace certificates as needed.


This restored the default certificates allowing us to log into the GUI and being our certificate request all over again.  This time verifying the correct information on the certificate before we install.

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