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[SIEM] VM Integration

Anyone has a full document that details step by step to integrate MVM into ESM?

Its not clear for me the part of create the certificate... the IP that I need to put into Certificate Light.exe is the own of MVM server appliance or IP of the receiver..

I am trying to join MVM 7.5 and ESM 9.4.0..

Any good doc?

Thanks so much!


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Re: [SIEM] VM Integration


You would find a useful document via the following link:

Let me know if that helps.


Re: [SIEM] VM Integration

The ip address you enter in the certificate light.exe is the ESM ip address. The ESM will initiate the API communication. For this, the ceritifcate is requied. The receiver will pull data from the SQL database.

In ESM, upload the zip on the MVM device config wizard and enter the passphrase that the certificate tool displayed.

Re: [SIEM] VM Integration

Thanks to both!