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SIEM NSP and Blacklist


I have the following situation. I configured an alarm with an action to blacklist a source IP. for 15 minutes. The alarm has triggered, but i want to know if the source IP was actually quarantined in the NSP. I run a report in the NSM named "Default - Quarantined History" but i don't see the IP.

There is a way to know if the IP was actually blacklisted in the NSM?


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Re: SIEM NSP and Blacklist

This might be a better question to ask in the NSP forum.  I don't know about a report, there is a dashboard tab in the NSP Real Time Threat Analyzer ( "Hosts" tab) that allowed you to see what hosts are *currently* quarantined.  You should also be able to see current quarantine actions in the sensor properties inside the ESM GUI.

You might also try running an NSP user activity audit report on the user ID used by ESM to connect to the NSM.  That should show the quarantine action as well.