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SIEM 10.0.0 New Dashboards bugs


i upgraded our Enterprise SIEM ESC  today to 10.0.0 its AIO.

In the new HTML5 dashboards there are old Views were created but there are some visualizations that doesnt work when imported as Flash.

Is there gonna be a bug fix on next patch or i should create 42 personalized views from scratch - on the new UI - HTML5 new INTERFACE? (i didn't upgraded to get more bugs )

plus this issue does not writen in Known issues in mcafee support KBs

Please share if you have the same issue or if you knew how to fix it.

Thank you

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Re: SIEM 10.0.0 New Dashboards bugs

The old flash interface is still there and you can use it to create the views with missing features and than import them.

It sucks, but if enough of us report this it will get fixed.


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