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Rule for system status


I have a rule to check the services status. I received an alert about UP/DOWN of the state. I would have an alert if the status down is more of 10 min before of I received the alarm about UP status service but I don't get make it.

I received this alarm with the UP status or  the Down status only, I want have one alarm what check the status before. I don' want receive this alarm the status services I would receiver about the check If the status is down before receiver the UP status.

How I can create this alarm?


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Re: Rule for system status

Maybe a sequence based correlation rule.

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Re: Rule for system status

Hi santintel10,

Can you please guide me the procedure how to monitor the service and create a rule for it. I also want to monitor a few services of our server once it's gets down we want to be alerted on this.

Kindly share the procedure or a weblink if any.



Re: Rule for system status


I'll see a sequence based correlation rule, thanks sssyyy!

Of course Fahad, I'll share my result here! :-)