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Problem with Weblogic logs


Has anyone parsing aplication Weblogic logs? I have problem with correct send logs to Mcafee SIEM. I used Mcafee SIEM collector. Bottom I pasted my configuration. Logs send to SIEM but orignal logs have some lines from other logs in parsing log which should have two line. Parsing is correct.

Below example bad send log, I pasted from SIEM column Packet :

"WPPM_PROVIDER:WP5_PROD WPPM_BL_PROVIDER_INSTANCESmiley FrustratedT_PROD INFO  [15-03-2016 10:58:04.651] ( invocationXML [id_pinstance=15019912,id_user=626420,id_process=7791102,pr_name=xxxxxxx,provider=xxxxxx,timeMarker=2016-03-15 10:58:04]"

I marked red color part log which can't be in this log. What method do you recommend to retrieve multiline logs variable structure ?

Example log:

INFO  [15-03-2016 04:13:38.950] (

    logBLRequest idPinstance:15017219

991100102 TIME_STOPPER: 2016-03-15 04:13:33.999; 2016-03-15 04:13:38.950; LAP_TIME: 1458011613999; 1458011618950; 4951ms

INFO  [15-03-2016 04:13:38.978] (

    991100102_TIME_STOPPER: 2016-03-15 04:13:38.950; 2016-03-15 04:13:38.978; LAP_TIME: 1458011618950; 1458011618978; 28ms

INFO  [15-03-2016 04:13:38.982] (

    BLProviderFactory.getBLProviderSmiley TongueROVIDER_TYPE_WEBMETHODS

INFO  [15-03-2016 04:13:38.982] (



INFO  [15-03-2016 04:13:38.982] (


invocationXML [id_pinstance=15017219,id_user=176118,id_process=7790201,pr_name=xxxxxx,provider=xxxxx,timeMarker=2016-03-15 04:13:38]


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<fb564in:fb564InParameters xmlns:fb564in="">

  <fb564inSmiley Tongueolicy>

    <gbSmiley TongueolicyID xmlns:gb="">875765</gbSmiley TongueolicyID>

  </fb564inSmiley Tongueolicy>



INFO  [15-03-2016 04:13:39.762] (


responseXML [id_pinstance=15017219,id_user=176118,id_process=7790201,pr_name=xxxxxx,provider=xxxxxx,timeMarker=2016-03-15 04:13:38]


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<fb564out:fb564OutParameters xmlns:fb564out="">


    <gb:responseStatus xmlns:gb="">0</gb:responseStatus>




      <gb:conditionStatus xmlns:gb="">C</gb:conditionStatus>

      <gb:isOptional xmlns:gb="">0</gb:isOptional>

      <gb:riskCode xmlns:gb="">xxx</gb:riskCode>

      <gb:riskName xmlns:gb="">xxxxgo</gb:riskName>

      <gb:riskDesc xmlns:gb="">xxxt:

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Re: Problem with Weblogic logs

The receiver cannot parse multi-line events.  See if you can changed the configuration and send the logs as a single line. (You have multi-line selected)

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