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Problem sign into VM through SCP/SSH


I have just downloaded a new VM given to me by McAfee and after setting up the IP configurations etc. I am trying to SCP/SSH into it to apply the patch:

McAfee KnowledgeBase - Progress indicator remains at 100 percent and the Enterprise Security Manager...

I am trying to applying this fix because it won't let me log in otherwise, stays at 100%. But I can't log in because  of this error: "No supported authentication methods available". Image attached. Does anyone know why I am getting it and how to fix this issue. I have not logged into the SIEM interface yet because it won't go beyond 100% and can't apply patch to fix it because it won't let me ssh into it.

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Re: Problem sign into VM through SCP/SSH


I faced the same issue 4 days back @ . No satisfactory answer till now. I request for someone to look into the issue.

McAfee Employee
McAfee Employee
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Re: Problem sign into VM through SCP/SSH

First of all, you can change your workstation time to 5/4/15 and access the GUI. From there, you can try one of two things.

1) Reset your NGCP password and retry your SCP authentication using the username root with your NGCP password.

2) Apply the patch via the GUI using the following instructions.

1. Upload the ESM-Login-Patch.tgz to the System Properties > File Maintenance > Software Update Files
2. Go to the System Properties > ESM Management > Maintenance > Terminal
3. Enter the following in the prompt and hit enter  tar -xzvf /usr/local/ess/SoftwareUpdates/ESM-Login-Patch.tgz --directory /var/www/html
4. Remember to set the time back on your workstation.
5. DONE!

Re: Problem sign into VM through SCP/SSH

I have verified that this approach works. Thanks!

A small add on, you need to setup a new VM after changing system time - because there is no way to change the VM time manually.