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Password Set To Never Expire On windows 2003



Anyone please help with setting up an alarm for password set to never expire on windows 2003 and before.


I know with windows 2008 you use the SID=43-263047380 and event_class (In) [Don't Expire Password - Enabled] but what about on windows server 2003 and before?

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Re: Password Set To Never Expire On windows 2003


1- connect the SIEM with the AD (that is a separete artical ) 

2 - create a watchlist with the next configurations:

      1 - set to dynamic,  and Hourly at specefied minutes - 45 minutes

      2 - in the Source tab configure the LDAP source type

      3 - in the Query tab past in the Lookup Attribute - sAMAccountName

            and in the Query Pate - 


       4 - in the Values tab set the type to  - Source User

after testing the communication, saving etc.

create a correlation rule triggering when the Source user is in the Watchlist created abuve.

Best regards.


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