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Parser for Tenable Nessus 5 or regex

Does anyone have a parser written for Tenable Nessus version 5 that they could provide me?

If not, if I provide a csv file could someone create some regex for me? Please!? :-)

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Re: Parser for Tenable Nessus 5 or regex

Seconded.  It seems that ESM only currently supports the nessus NBE format, which is both deprecated across Tenable products and not supported in their Enterprise "SecurityCenter" app either.    I just spent 30 minutes searching via Google but cannot find any scripts that can convert NBE to .nessus(v2) format. 

McAfee needs to fix this, preferably quickly.

EDIT:  OK this actually works.  I changed the format from "NBE" to "XML" and it properly parsed the .nessus(v2) output that I exported/downloaded from my SecurityCenter appliance.

It would be cool if McAfee supported using the XML-RPC API into SecurityCenter to download the reports since the Tenable Virtual Appliance does not allow inbound FTP, SCP, CIFS, NFS, or anything.

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Re: Parser for Tenable Nessus 5 or regex

We are exporting the data to a csv and creating a SQL database for it which we'll pull from using the McAfee Collector.