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Migrate event source AND existing data

Hi all,

We have 2 pairs of ERC appliances configured in HA - ERC-HA1 and ERC-HA2.

ERC-HA1 has just one event source reporting to it.  There is a requirement to migrate this event source from ERC-HA1 to ERC-HA2 - I am ok with this part of the process.

What I cannot work out, is how to migrate the existing ESM data for the event source.

The reason for this - ERC-HA1 is not configured correctly for HA.  I believe the only way to resolve the HA problem is to:

- Delete ERC-HA1 from the ESM

- Rebuild the ERC appliances

- Run through the HA setup process again

Once I delete the ERC-HA1 pair from the ESM, all of the events we have received from the event source will also be deleted.

We have ELM appliances, but they have not been configured with NFS storage pools yet, so the historical events we see in the ESM have not been written to a ELM.

Hope that all makes sense, thanks for taking the time to read through this.

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Re: Migrate event source AND existing data

There are a couple ways to do this.

The easiest way would be to ;

1. Break the ha, partnership

2. on ERC-HA1, simply go to data sources, and highlight the data sources in question, and then select migrate.


Unfortunately, you will NOT be able to migrate historical data unless to take the DR approach as you have already described. If you simply, unplug the heartbeat and main cat5 cable from the erc-ha1, then perform a sync that should do it as well. after syncing, bring your primary back on line. For the life of me I can understand why you'd be doing all this.

Good luck.