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Migrate db

Hi all,

Does anyone know how the migrate db process work? Which informations are stored on that db???

We've reserved, as in the requirements, 500 GB on our storage for this db, but , as I see, this db is something like 170Kb.

I really  don't understand if this is a normal behaviour or if we're having an issue on this db...

What happen if I retry the migrate db procedure many times?

Mauro Vezzoli

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Re: Migrate db

Hi Mauro,

you don't have any issues on database. The ELM database takes almost 500 Gb in ordert to get working.

You can migrate many times from a storage to another; the ELM is mounted on /elm_storage directory.


Re: Migrate db

HI Umberto,

but the strange thing for me is that I've reserved 500 GB for that db on the storage and the data on that db are  less than 200 Kb, not almost 500 GB.

Can you check on your SIEM how may GB is taking your exported  DB?



Re: Migrate db


you must reserve almost 500 Gb because it's a ELM request. The more data you collect, the greater is the db.

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