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Microsoft Sharepoint Logs

Dear friends.

Our team has enciuntered with an issue, which is connected with sharepoint logs. What have been done:

1. Created Data Source to accept logs from Sharepoint (screenshot provided below)


2. Remotely installed SIEM Collector Application on Windows 2012 Sever and General Configuration Policy was configured (Screenshot provided)

win events.PNGGeneral Configuration For Receiver.PNGFile Tail.PNG

The problem is that Debug logs have not been delievered from indicated path to datasource (receiver). Does anybody encountered and fixed the problem like mine? It seems to me that it's common issue.

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Re: Microsoft Sharepoint Logs

Not to hijack the thread, but you were able to get the collector to run on Windows 2012 Server?  We have been trying to do this for some months without success.

McAfee Employee garethrhys
McAfee Employee
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Re: Microsoft Sharepoint Logs

Please look at Article in another thread.

You could also look up device support using LOGbinder for SharePoint, SQL, and Exchange which is integrated through SIA partnership.

Seems to be an issue with the PDF file as I write this - will report.

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Re: Microsoft Sharepoint Logs


We are able to collect SharePoint logs, however unable to get the user name details from the Sharepoint events. i.e. SharePoint's audit log does not provide the names of users or objects. is there a way to fetch the users details or objects?

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