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Mcafee ELM MGTDB allocation

After ELM restore due to NFS mgtdb issues, everything restored fine, but the allocations is screwed up. In Storage devices, the ELM states that the Management Database is in my CIFS storage device (which it was originially), but if you see below, the Mount Point setup for the CIFS has no MGTDB in it. It's still stored locally on the /usr/local/elm/ directory. The mgtdbloc is pointing to the SIEMLogs mount point (/elm_storage/Syslog_pool_20170104154044) as seen in the screenshot below, but the mgtdb is not in there. Not to mention that everything that the ELM is still up and running OK.

The main issue is that I'm trying to migrate the mgtdb off the CIFS to one of my NFS that I setup SIEMMGTDB1 and while doing so, i run into this error. Ultimately trying to eliminate CIFS and stick to NFS for all my storage devices.

Is there a conf file that i can configure to inform the ELM that the mgtdb is local and not on the CIFS?

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