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McAfee SIEM Installation Issues

Hello Experts, I am new to the McAfee SIEM and I have some issue I wish to share.

I have downloaded the vdmk Image in the partner portal, but while trying to install it in my VMware Workstation 9.0.4, I get an error

I have to delete the manifest file from the folder, and the installation was successful.

However, after initial setup of the management config, I couldn't log in to the image with the NGCP and security.4u credentials

Please what could be the issue here


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Re: McAfee SIEM Installation Issues

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Re: McAfee SIEM Installation Issues

You need to login with root and security.4u

NGCP is only for webinterface

Re: McAfee SIEM Installation Issues

McAfee login: root

Step 10.b of KB74844 has the initial password and steps on configuring ESM VM.