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McAfee ESM - BlueCoat not in WebFilter?

We have BlueCoat ProxySG and was surprised to not find that in the "Web Filter Content Pack" view. How would I go about "tagging" the BlueCoat datasources as a WebFilter so that the Proxy data will show in the Web Filter view?

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Re: McAfee ESM - BlueCoat not in WebFilter?


you can change the view. Click on "Edit current view" the button with the pencil over the windows in the top middle. Than click on the Normalized Web Traffic go to the new menu in the right an click on Edit Query than opens a new Menu click there on the Filters button. An new Windows will open --> Scroll a bit down until you find Device Type ID = CLASS:Web/App Filtering click on the button right next to this text the button calls "Display filter list". search Blue Coat and expand it with the + than select ProxySG (ASP) Click on OK and the directly after this click the keyboard button del. Now they should stand only the device type id for Blue coats "277"  Now you can click okay and Finish. Your Dashboard Web Filter View will change automatically.

You're welcome

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