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Lenel OnGuard Badge System Data Source

Has anybody tried to tackle getting logs/events from a Lenel OnGuard badge security system?

The product guides reference forwarding logs however there appears to also be a SQL Database option. I was able to find a SPLUN blog post where they use the equivalent of the McAfee collection agent.

Trying not to recreate the wheel.

Thank You

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Re: Lenel OnGuard Badge System Data Source

I don't have a solution for this but would be interested in feedback you receive. We too need to get logs from this system so I wanted to post a reply to get notification when someone (hopefully) does know how to do it. Thanks!

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Level 10

Re: Lenel OnGuard Badge System Data Source

I am looking for something with the Lenel/OnGuard system and SIEM integration as well.  I assume that you have to use the collector and SQL utility to pull data from the database.

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