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Integration with Remedy


I was asked by the customer about possibility to integrate the ESM with the ITSM Remedy system. At first touch it looks very simple - in the ESM we have to add few parameters. Then ESM will send emails to the Remedy system. But - what about the Remedy system configuration? Customer has a troubles with the Remedy configuration, we do not know Remedy, so - could you give me any suggestion about intergration with this case management system?


Artur Sadownik

3 Replies

Re: Integration with Remedy

Hi Artur,

After Email sent to Remedy we have to do some configuration.



Re: Integration with Remedy

Hi artek,

Can you explain your requirement in detail. we have integrated remedy solution with SIEM for one client.

Re: Integration with Remedy

You can define a template in Remedy for when receive a mail from siem then Remedy create one case. In Email settings I configured SMTP Settings: Host, Port and From, and then, when I create a new alert I define Send Messages in Action Tab, and my recipient is the mailbox from Remedy Regards
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