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Inactivity Settings

Hi All,

I have an IPS (NSM) management data source which picks up my IPS devices automagically. The IPS has 10 interfaces but I only use 4. the 4 in use are all OK and show activity. The other 6 are all flagged with the inactivity yellow flag. It looks like there is a problem when there is not.

How can i tell the ESM to ignore the interaces that are not used. they are all disabled in the NSM.

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Re: Inactivity Settings


I currently have the same issue. The work around we have in place is to set the entire NSM Device to an inactivity setting of Days: 0 Hours: 0 Minutes: 0.

Obviously this isn't ideal but we utilize NSM's reporting to alert on errors in the system and there are alarms in place to alert if the devices connectivity or status changes.

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Re: Inactivity Settings

To be honest, inactivity never worked for me in ESM. If it's working for you, please let me know what version of ESM you are using.

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