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Executing Remote Command on Windows Server via ESM 10.0

Hi guys, I'm trying to figure this out but I haven't found a way yet. How do we run a remote command on a windows box?

My current scenario: ESM 10.0.3 & Windows Server 2016

What I want to do: I have a python script running on the server that will accept input from ESM via remote command (I want to do things like feeding hashes to this script and having the script do stuff with those)

Now, when running remote command you have to tell ESM what "port" you are targeting, I assume this means usually SSH stuff.

1) I installed an SSH server in the windows box called MobaSSH and when running Putty to connect to it it works fine.

2) However, when attempting to do the same from ESM it fails (I tested the connection with a custom "execute remote command" command that simply created a new folder on the windows box).

3) When I ssh into ESM and attempt to ssh from there to the windows box I get an error saying that "No ECDSA host key is known for host [windows box]" which makes sense because ESM doesn't have the public RSA key fingerprint of the Windows Box.

4) The only RSA fingerprints present under /root/.ssh/known_hosts (ESM) are the ones belonging to devices like the ERC and ACE and stuff. I though, can I modify this file and append the key for the windows box? However, I don't know a) if this would break things, b) if there is actually a better method!, c) couldn't find the windows box RSA key anyways

Has anyone attempted this before (hopefully yes) and can someone provide any recommendations?


Diego Perez

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