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Error Code ER15


I have made a reimage a reveiver. Now I have a error code (ER15) when I click on the properties from the new installed receiver. The connect from the receiver into the ESM was not a problem and I have no errors

I can not find a solution for the problem.

Thank you for a tip

Software Version 9.4.2 20141118

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Re: Error Code ER15


There is limited data on the error codes surrounding the SIEM, however, I am curious as to the image re-installed onto the receiver. Was it re-imaged to 9.4.x, or to an earlier version? Can the ESM SSH to the receiver?

I want to verify there is two way communication from the ESM to the receiver, and from the receiver to the ESM over port 22 to eliminate possible host fingerprinting issues, ssh key issues, or anything else between the devices.

To validate the build on the receiver, please either console (keyboard and mouse) to the receiver, or if SSH connectivity can be established, ssh to the receiver, and do the command "cat /etc/buildstamp" this will return the receiver build. If it is not the same version, you will need to get it upgraded to ensure connectivity between receiver and ESM can communicate properly.

Thank you.