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ETM-X6 cabling


Following on from my post relating to the ERC1250 cabling, same question for the X6.  ESM installation guide v9.3.0 p16 shows a Mgmt1 and Mgmt2 interface, among others (including USB - and I assume that USB is active as they can be covered with the tamper proof seal for FIPS, and there is also a KB article detailing how to mount the USB).

What is the use of Mgmt2?  Is it considered best practise to use Mgmt1 for client console access and Mgmt2 to communicate to managed SIEM devices (ACE, ERC, etc)?  What are the other ports used for, or are they disabled?  As per my ERC1250 post, I can see KBs that mention BMC/RMM3 - is this linked to one of the other ports in the diagram?