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Level 9

ESM Data retention limit


Currently we have only 9 months data in ESM. As checked, still we have more storage space available.

How can we increase the ESM Data retention limit.

Current ESM storage status

HDD - sdb3     Size:  1.9TB, Used:   21GB( 2%), Available:  1.7TB, Mount: /

HDD - sda      Size:  445GB, Used:  268GB(61%), Available:  178GB, Mount: /index_hd

HDD - sdc1     Size:  7.3TB, Used:  5.3TB(73%), Available:  2.0TB, Mount: /data_hd



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Level 7

Re: ESM Data retention limit

Hi John

Data retention can be set in ESM system properties|data

30-11-2015 5-28-24 PM.png

Hope that helps

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McAfee Employee

Re: ESM Data retention limit

Also, just below that is the Data Allocation setting. By default, the database has some reserved record space for netflow. 

If you're not bringing any netflow data in, you can increase the number count for events. This does create a rebuild and should be performed during maintenance.