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ERC receives events, but ESM shows nothing

Good Morning,

Recently we have run into an issue where one of our two HA receivers for the McAfee ESM has apparently stopped completing the operation of sending digested logs to the ESM. While watching the data sources of the ESM for new data being received and digested - we have noticed that the ESM was receiving nothing for hours. Ultimately we had to fail-over to the other receiver sitting in standby and luckily that one was working correctly.

While we have filed a ticket with support, I was wondering if anyone else has run into similar issues where a receiver would act like it was reading and writing events - but nothing was coming in on the ESM. My first thought would be there is something wrong with the communication channel to the ESM, but that doesn't seem to be any interference or changes that would have caused this.

We are currently running 10.2 on the SIEM systems.

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