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EPO 5.0.x

Is EPO 5.0.0 or 5.0.1 supported with 9.2.1? I saw only 4.5 and 4.6 in the release notes.

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Re: EPO 5.0.x

Hi Georgec,

                       Yes, It's supported. We have successfully integrated it.



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Re: EPO 5.0.x

I've added EPO 5.0 as a standalone device and both database and application connection tests are successful, but when I want to do a "manual application refresh" it says Could not execute command on device (ER122).

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Re: EPO 5.0.x

The same error (ER 122)

  • epo 4.6.5
  • MSSQL on dedicated server
  • network and system firewalls disabled (or all traffic allowed)
  • windows authentication in SQL
  • local or domain authentication in ePO (application)
  • ePO user with global administrator permissions

Best Regards,


Re: EPO 5.0.x


I get it, if the database name has a hyphen "-", you must set the name in brackets, for exmaple [ePO4_WIN-EPO].

It works for me.