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ENS Firewall Events in SIEM



I would like to see specific ENS Firewall Events in our SIEM.

I opened a SR and I was told that the Receiver uses a SQL Query to pull specific events but not all.

I would like to chose on my own which events should be pulled by the Receiver and which not.


If I create a Firewall rule and enable "Log matching traffic" then all this traffic should be forwarded/pulled to/by the Receiver.


Best regards


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Re: ENS Firewall Events in SIEM



You do not get ENS firewall logtraffic events from ePO and ENS, the only events you get are the GTI related events. So I think you _must_ click log matching traffic to get it. That way you may be able to choose the events you get

At least that is the way it works to get the events to ePO, and in the end SIEM downloads what is available in ePO DB.



Re: ENS Firewall Events in SIEM

Hi Mikael,


thank you for the information.

Honestly the Firewall Logging seems quiet buggy to me.

Where would I see the logs in the ePO when I check "log matching traffic"?

Would I see them in the "Threat Events" for that Client or do I have to use Queries/Reports?


Notwithstanding the above, the Events do not appear in our SIEM when the option is hooked.


Best regards


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