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(ELMERC) Rollout - Error Log

Some error occur while add device - using ELMERC:

(Could not update policy - "Error: Could not execute command on device" (Could not execute command on device))

Please advise? Thank you.


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Re: (ELMERC) Rollout - Error Log

Hi Augustinus

We had a similiar problem during the week. I did a manual rule update and pushed the policy that seemed to solve it for us.



Re: (ELMERC) Rollout - Error Log

Hi Japie,

Do you mean upload the related file right?

Same after upload the file still can not do a rollout - but will try again.

Thank you,


Re: (ELMERC) Rollout - Error Log

Hi ,

Try again with the latest Rule Updates for you device version.

Also check whether by disabling of any customer parsers will solve it.

Re: (ELMERC) Rollout - Error Log

Maybe the best will be if you can go through the following KB:

McAfee KnowledgeBase - How to troubleshoot SIEM policy rollout issues