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ELM VM32 disk size problem


I deployed elm vm32 ovf and it allocate 2TB of disk. But when trying to create storgepool ELM canot use this 2TB space to store raw log, 2TB area is there for only OS and ELM procecess and we need to add more space to store logs. Allocating 2TB for only OS and ELM process is not efficent , it is there and can not used for store raw log and it is hard to tell customer to give additional area for raw log storage as 2TB is there. Do you know any methods to use this space as storage pool or reduce disk size it while importing vm.


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Re: ELM VM32 disk size problem

Looks like 2TB will be used for just ELM MGMT DB and indexing, so you will need to add more storage to the box for raw logging.

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