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Dynamic watchlist with MSSQL connection


I'm currently trying to configure a dynamic watchlist from MSSQL database but I don't manage to find the right way to configure it.

My MSSQL connection is working with a SQL client. But when I configure my ESM (v9.6.0 MR7) I only receive "can't open session with user XXX".

Here is what I do:

- Type: MSSQL

- Host:

- Port: 1433

- DB Name: SIEM (that's the name of my SQL db)

- DB Instance: DEVCHU (found doing "SELECT @@SERVICENAME" on the MSSQL Server)

- Username: LecteurSIEM

- Password: xxxxxxxxx

I think I don't have the right syntax around the user field. The authentication is done with a local user of the database (not a LDAP account).

Any ideas ?

Thanks !

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Re: Dynamic watchlist with MSSQL connection

Has the user got sufficient rights to read the DB? which data source?

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