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Detecting PortScan through ESM

Hello Experts,

I am trying to detect port scan activity through ESM.

I am trying to detect the port scan activity in simulated environment.

I have a windows server 2008r2 Virtual machine and a windows 7 VM. Both of the VMs are on the same subnet with out any router/firewall in between.
I am initiating a port scan for the target windows server 2008 machine from the windows 7 machine using namp.
I am receiving the windows event 'The firewall has blocked the connection' thorough the agent deployed on the Windows server 2008 VM.

Any suggestions that how am I able to detect the port scan acvtivity via a corelation rule ??



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Re: Detecting PortScan through ESM

Not sure if you will get similar events from a local Windows FW v.s. standard network firewall. ESM comes with some default port scanning correlation rules, or you can download network related content packs too. In your case, maybe you have to tune the thresthold for the rule to fire. 

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