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Decrease severity by the signature id and ip source

Hi all,

In my case, Nessus doing scanning on our system and WAF detect it as XSS Expolit, SQL Injection, etc.. it shows 99 on severity score.

I got a few Event Signature ID and Nessus IP Address. I made 2 watchlist :

1. Watchlist of Events Signature ID (Xss Exploint, SQL Injection, etc..)

2. Watchlist of Nessus IPs

After making the watchclist, i made a correlation and filtering all the event with Signature ID and IP match with the watchlist it will be logged as "Nessus Scanning" and i made severity score is 25 for giving no attention to this event. But, XSS Exploit, SQL Injection, etc still logged with severity 99 and its also logged as "Nessus Scanning" with severity 25.

My question is :

1. Am I already doing decreasing severity in the right way?

2. Is it possible to prevent the event logged 2 times? I just want it logged as "Nessus Scanning".

I would be so thankful for your answers.

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