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Data Enrichment with FTP


Can anybody help me with the configuration for a data enrichment through FTP.

What format has to be the file in the FTP Server? it must have a special name? can you give me an example?

Is useful any Enrichment Field?

Is there any documentation about this topic?


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Re: Data Enrichment with FTP

The format should be:

Lookupvalue=enrichment value


Username123=John Smith

Username456=Mike Johnson

Just place in in a text file and you should be good. Name can be anything you want.

The most commonly used enrichment is adding the full displayname to events where normally only the user ID is shown. Be aware though that using data enrichment can overwrite other values if you select a custom type field for enrichment that is already used in a specific event. Also, only string types (1-10) may be used for enrichtment. Random strings are not allowed (unfortunately).

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Re: Data Enrichment with FTP


I'm doing test in laboratory, but i cannot make it work maybe you can help me.

In ESM i have the following configuration.

Custom Type

Custom Type.PNG

Data Enrichment


Device and Rule

DE Details.PNG

My Data Enrichment file in the FTP Server


And Finally, i upload manually an event


If i understand it should be another field "testdata" with the value "example".

Is there something that i am missing?

Thanks Robert