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Re: Cyber Threat Feeds

It's simply a name, or Label. Its recommended you use something descriptive based on either source or function.

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Re: Cyber Threat Feeds

I don't think this is supposed to be an empty list. I found the feed that its looking at.

Not sure how this is being parsed that it doesn't see the list of domains

I know what comes from hail a taxxi bsed on the name of the watchlist being populated and the name of the threat feed

Re: Cyber Threat Feeds

Was anyone ever able to resolve porting the output of the threat feeds from the Soltra VM into McAfee SIEM?  Is there a way to get the FS-ISAC feed directly into the SIEM without needing the VM?

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Re: Cyber Threat Feeds

We have been able to get the following Taxii feeds working with the exception of the phishtank.domain feed:



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Re: Cyber Threat Feeds

If you are using this example:
then just wait for a bit. In our case it took quite some time until the Server delivered all the values. Also don´t Forget to put in the Collection Name. We tried a few different Settings and it only worked with the correct Collection Name. But i guess the most important part of it is that it takes some time to deliver all the values to your System. But it definetly works.

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