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Correlative rule based off Correlative components - Group not working


I am having a bit of a problem regarding a correlation rule I have created - Basically a created a correlation component which basically triggers whenever a correlation rule regarding Malware happens and another component which triggers when a correlative rule regarding access breach happens.

I am trying to determine a strong case of severity by determining a Malware event happening which is followed by an access event. (As seen in the picture below)

And as you can see, I decided I want it to be group by Source IP.

When ever this rule triggers, the grouping doesn't work correctly meaning I get one Malware event and one Access event but on two different IP Addresses. 

I am wondering if this is caused by the lack of ability from the ACE engine to determine the underlying ip address of an event happening inside of a correlative component and if so then what are correaltive components even good for?

Any help on this subject will be greatly appriciated.







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