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Collect Events From NAS?

I've got a Remote NAS Unit with Apache Log Files inside it.

It's possible that SIEM connects to the NAS and reads these log files from it?

If not, any idea to do that?

Thanks a lot.

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Re: Collect Events From NAS?

Did you try to manually import them inside the siem? Receiver Properties > Data Sources > Upload


Re: Collect Events From NAS?

Well ... yes ... it's a possibility ... but I want to do it in real-time. I mean, that files are receiving lines every second. I want to add that Remote Network Unit like a Dta Source.

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Re: Collect Events From NAS?


1. you can add a Data Source with the Vendor Name Apache.

2. has the NASs a Config to save the logs on a Share? If yes you can collect this hsare with siem.

3. (Best sulution) Your NAS Vendor is in the SIEM Data Source Vendor list and the Model of your NAS in den Model list.

Re: Collect Events From NAS?

Thanks. The solution is access on a share. Thanks for all.