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Can't edit existing data-source

Hello Dears,

I Can't edit existing data-source . please see the error.


There is no duplicate data-source or any other instance with same ip , already double checked.

Currently I have 2 ESXI data-source  and the picture is the same for both.

I assume that removing and crating the data-source again will solve my problem , but I cant ( do not want to ) delete the already collected logs.

Did you face such issue ?
Thanks in advance, for help.
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Re: Can't edit existing data-source

Yes, on multiple occasions. Each time I fixed it by filtering the query for source or destination for the ip in question. I would find that it was a child of a parent data source or something similar. Another way I did it was to set it up with that IP but use assign a port

Re: Can't edit existing data-source

Thanks for answer ,

But I want also note , that i did look for any mentioning about that IPs , and did not find any data source or child..

The thing is that they are existing data-sources , which I just want to edit ( change used username and password) but cant ...

Any idea ?

Tnx in advance.

Re: Can't edit existing data-source

Yes, and if the above didn't work try:

  • Look to see if  Autolearn created a generic syslog datasource.
  • Try Opening the properties page of the parent receiver, datasources , and select your data source
    • then uncheck parsing, then recheck, and click write. When complete, try it again
  • I would also check the :
    • less /usr/local/ess/data/NitroError.Log.
  • Outside of that, I then migrated to a different receiver, try to make changes and then move back
  • SSH into the receiver, and check out the thirdparty.conf file for duplicate IP's
    1. Putty into Receiver
    2. cd /etc/NitroGuard
    3. less thridparty.conf
    4. /<nameofdatasource>

I would also, recommend you have an ssh session running at the same time, keeping an eye on messages log with a tailf