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Alarm for OU Creates/Changes

Has anyone created an alarm that fires when an OU gets created, or when changes are made to an existing OU? Is so, will you please share the rule you created?

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Re: Alarm for OU Creates/Changes

Just throwing it out there again. Has anyone successfully created an alarm like this?

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Re: Alarm for OU Creates/Changes

Hi LT McGary

I believe this is what you are looking for from a Windows eventID perspective.

You can create an alarm based on the signature and object field

Make sure if you have the required auditing enabled in AD to log these events on DC's



Re: Alarm for OU Creates/Changes

we cant find the event id in SIEM. We can only see the signature ID.


Re: Alarm for OU Creates/Changes

Look up the signature ID filter on the right pane, click on the funnel, go to the tab "Windows" and typ;e your event ID. Select the appropiate event category and this way you can find windows event ids.

Also, the last 5 digits (with exception of the last 0) in the signature ID is the same as the windows event id

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