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Adding storage (SAN/NAS) to ESM VM 10.1

hello experts,

could you please explain how to attach additional external storage mounted on SAN/NAS to ESM VM 10.1?

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Adding storage (SAN/NAS) to ESM VM 10.1

Hi guy,

Maybe I'm wrong ...
While you're using Vm ESM, you can't add or mount a SAN. In a phisical appliance, you can install " qLogic 2460 or 2562 SAN adapters on the ELM or ELS" (cf. installation Guide). Same case for DAS (for NAS, i don't know) . You can take a look a "install DAS" chapter into the Intallation guide.

For VM applicance, you can only add additional disk as VMDK. For this, you must shutdown your SIEm before ; then add your disk in sphere ; then power on your siem. Into the data storage tab from receiver properties, you will find a new "virtual local " tab where you will be able to format the disk before use it into storage pools tab.

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Re: Adding storage (SAN/NAS) to ESM VM 10.1


On top of what @auguste suggested what you can also do is spin up a virtual Linux VM and create a NFS share and use the NFS share as a device storage in ELM  for storing your raw logs (Just another option) but I would prefer to use the above method.



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