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problem with installation of mcafee

Hi all,

i've a toshiba i supposed that the version pre-installed was mcafee internet security and now i want to install mcafee security-as-service, i try to install it but it doesnt work( doesnt even start).

in the registry exist 2 key i cant delete and i get the error:

impossible  open System Core.

error prevents the opening of this key

detail: The specified file is not found


i already tried with safemode, already gave full control, but nothing work...


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Re: problem with installation of mcafee

Hi skelterweb,

             Welcome to the McAfee Communities. Just to clarify my thinking? Am I to assume you currently have "McAfee Internet Security" installed? Which is a "Consumer Version", and you are attempting to install "McAfee Security-as-Service?

               In otherwords, are you in a "Work environment" ? I might kindly add, that this particular Community does not offer assistance for "Support" in regards to McAfee Products. Hopefully someone will pick up this thread, and offer you further guidance.

              Which would in return, bring more attention to your issue. By posting in the appropiate area.

            If you need to "Uninstall" the mentioned above items, Proper steps and procedures can be found under my Signature, the first Link.

Wishing you all the very Best,

McAfee Volunteer

Re: problem with installation of mcafee

ok, thanks for the reply. I will do more attention next time.

in relation to my problem, the pre installed version has already been uninstalled by following the steps and using the software advised.

i'll try to fond a way to solve it.

but thanks anyway

Re: problem with installation of mcafee

Those steps as CD's sig shows are what you need to clear the consumer version Once that is done reboot and run reboot and then retry Mcafee

security as a service install or contact  chat maybe here

As CD said we here support questions on the consumer version so I will move this thread to the correct corporate area.

on 5/05/14 6:42:58 PM

Re: problem with installation of mcafee

Thanks PeaceKeeper.

Simply follow Tony,s advice, and you cannot go wrong.

McAfee Volunteer

Re: problem with installation of mcafee

I might add, to assist you further. The Links to contact "McAfee Support" are listed at the top of this page, or in other Community areas under "Useful Links"


McAfee Volunteer

Re: problem with installation of mcafee

CD this is a business product so best he contact corporate support the link I gave above might help but I also no good at corporate questions.

I see you posted while I was searching for the best forum to move it to.

that is life