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TPS configuration

installed tps on server 2003. activated the software online. On my server 2003 machine on dashboard Security Centre communication is showing in red and message coming: "Your software is not activated. your computer is not preotected against the latest threats,activate your subscriptions to continue receiving updates." Tried to activate the same by going to "action menu"> product details. Prompted me for create account or join account. selected join existing account, then prompted me for account enrollment key. Then i saw thread having same issue reported by somebody. Went to my online login portal, then in my account tab, then account & key section, created new acount enrolment key, put it in the box provided, clicked next and says 'please enter a reseller, then click next to continue" but the problem is there is only one text box given to add account enrolment key and no other text box given but only written "* required filed" below the "account enrolment key" text box. its not letting me continue without adding reseller info but no text box is provided.

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Re: TPS configuration


I have read your request.

This issue occurs if you have not installed the McAfee software properly on the computer.

To resolve the issue that you are facing you need to completely uninstall the McAfee software from the computer and then install the software again from your online security center. Please follow the steps below to do so

1. Open the page, click on login on the top right and sign in with your login details

2. Click on the tab utilities on the top and select the 4th option Uninstall components left from a previous installation in that select MVSUninst and download and save it to the desktop and run this exe to uninstall.

3. Delete all the entries from start->Run->temp and then select all the files and folder under that and delete. (Ignore the files that you are not able to delete)

4.  Delete all the entries from start->Run->%temp% and then select all the files and folder under that and delete. (Ignore the files that you are not able to delete)

5. Go to start->Run->regedit and the registry window will open in that click on file->export and save it to the desktop.

6. Then you will see HKEY-LOCALMACHINE ->software->delete McAfee

7. Then you will see HKEY-CURRENT USER ->software->delete McAfee

8. Reboot the computer.

After you have done all the above steps, please proceed with the below steps for the installation.

1.  Log in to the online security center

2.  Click on computers on the top and then select all

3.  Select the computer in which you are about to reinstall and delete it from the list

4.  Select Dashboard tab on the top

5.  Click on install protection

6.  Select install protection onto new computers (not yet managed by SecurityCenter)

7.  Download and save the Topsbdm file to your desktop

8.  Run the file to install the product.

9.  After you have installed, restart the computer and run a manual update.


Re: TPS configuration

Thanks a lot for the solution. I did the exact as explained and it solved my issue but before completely installing  i also had to update it manually and i saw nothing in red.


Re: TPS configuration


I have read your post.

We are really happy that the issue is resolved.

Please contact us in future for any issues related to the McAfee software.