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TPS Console Problem

We bought an HP Pro Book 6445B laptop for use in our bus garage (we are a school district) and I activated McAfee Total Protection Service v5.0 for its 60 day trial.  When I open the console I get the following message:  "Mcafee plugin TPSFirewallUI.dll not found on disk".  The console then will open.  Haven't been able to find any solutions to this problem.  Any help would be appreciated.  The laptop is running Windows XP and the software came preloaded.  I do not have a CD with TPS on it.  Thanks.

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Re: TPS Console Problem


When you signed up for the trial, You must have received your Log on information from McAfee.

I request you to please use that infromation and log on to :-

All you need to do is to reinstall the software. It is a sign of an installation gone wrong.

Thank you


Re: TPS Console Problem

Thank you for the help Sameer.  I reinstalled the firewall component as you suggested and that did away with the error.  However, now when I open up the console it is telling me that the softwrare is not activated.  When I try to activate it it tells me it can't because I don't have an internet connection, which I do.  When I look at the computer in the McAfee security center, it still says that it is in the 60 day trial evaluation period.  And the McAfee console on the computer says that my virus and firewall protection is enabled.  So why would it think that the software is not activated?