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Suggestions for the McAfee Total Protection Service 5.0

Hi Friends,

I have always liked the idea of using Security Software as a service and when McAfee Total Protection Service was launched, I have always been an avid follower of the product since then. The Version 5.0 is fabulous and changes things for good. The new interface and the upgrade to the Security Centre is good. The product is doing a good job at detections as well. However, As a McAfee lover, I would want to list out a few things which will help make this software a sures hot success :-

1} There should be a way to control the Artemis settings for the On Access and the On Demand Scans from the Policies page :-

  We have seen how wonderful this will be because the Virus Scan Enterprise 8.7i has this capability and to me as a network administrator, It is a great help if I can decide what kind of heuristics I could use for my test environment. The ToPS lacks this feature and teh only way to play aroudn with the Artemis settings is to go in to registries and then stop the policy updates from changing it. All in all, VERY CUMBERSOME !!!

2} The interface could do with a little more options. For example, The manual update can only be done by Rught clicking on the tray icon. I find it funny when I dont see the update now option when I actually have the console open in front of me. Likewise, If I have to scan , Then I would have to open the console and cant just use the tray icon to do the same.

3} McAfee has claimed that Patch 3 does help with the scan times. However, I personally do not feel any change. This is one of the most critical areas where McAfee needs to act fast and proper. With the other security vendors putting a lot of stress on fast scan times, This will be a major blow to McAfee's prospects. The ToPS scans take forever to complete.

Please comment on how you like the ideas/suggestions and correct me if I am wrong in whatever I wrote above. It will be great to have some communication in this thread.

More to follow later friends.

Thank You


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Re: Suggestions for the McAfee Total Protection Service 5.0

Do not know if any one even wants to know or have any feedback.. Looks like this community has become redundant now !!!