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Renewal will not update!

I have a HP Windows Home Server with pre-installed McAfee Total Protection Installed,after the trail period Dec 2009, I renewed the software on-line for 3 years, since then the renewal will not update the software.

I still get "your server is not protected" and no about information shown as "-" and when I launch Security Center I get "out of date"?

There is no Activation button or anywhere to install your New Grant Number? Tried McAfee on-line support but they do not support Total Protection and they seem to be pushing me towards for paid support? Service Support No: 409279966.

I had no probelms with the software until renewal and renewal failed but if I pay for support this makes any saving as part of 3 year renewal as pointless? Or is this McAfees way of recovering discounts?

Can anybody help?

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Re: Renewal will not update!


Did you get the Grant number when you renewed your subscription ?

2} While renewing, Did you use the same email with which your subscription was registered or did you use a different one ?

Re: Renewal will not update!

Yes, I got the Grant No (Invoice No: 00051571 and the Admin emails but I think your system is confused?

I have 3 laptops running McAfee Security Center and HP WHS running Total Protection via the Security center web link. These are all linked to my email account. Can you please check all the software licences are linked to my email address?

Wording from the McAfee email

"If you obtained Total Protection Service with your Windows Home Server, please do not attempt to reinstall protection via the URL below. Your license has been automatically updated and NO re-installation is required. If it becomes necessary to uninstall or reinstall protection on your Windows Home Server, you must use the Windows Home Server console provided by your vendor. Following the instructions below will install protection on a new computer, NOT your server."


Re: Renewal will not update!


The version of the software that runs on the Windows Home Server is diiferent than the normal versions deployed on the workstations and desktops.

I suggest you to please open up the McAfee Console form yoru Media Server. Check the DAT version and the status of all the components installed. If there is a problem, The ToPS consoel shall display the same.

Finally, The easiest way for you to verify whether or not you are protected is by doing this :-

1} Log on to

2} Use the email addres and the password to log on. This must be in your emails that you got from McAfee.

3} When you log on, You will see the dashboard. Which will show you the information as to how many licenses you haveand how many you are using.

4} Now, Click on MY ACCOUNT and then SUBSCRIPTION HISTORY. This is where you will have all your info pertaining to all your Grants and their respective expiration dates.

5} ONce you have verified that, Click on the COMPUTERS tab. There you will see the list of computers you have the service installed on. It will also shwo you the last time each computer connected with the McAfee server and what DAT version is being used.

I hoope the above helps.


Re: Renewal will not update!

Thanks for your help much appreciated.

I log on to the Dashboard but My Account does not appear? The tabs go as follows: Dashboard, Computers, Reports Policies,Utilities,Help Feedback.

Below the tabs are: Install Protection, Add Widgets, Restore Default.


Is this the problem?


Re: Renewal will not update!

Now this is getting interesting David.

Did you purchase the software yourself or did you get it through a reseller who manage syoru subscription ????

Do you have the Administative access to the console ???

Re: Renewal will not update!

No I purchased the Trial and the Renewal.

I am the administrator.

I also got to today via email from

"Dear McAfee Customer:

Thank you for using Total Protection Service!

We have noticed that you have let your subscription expire."

I have not I renewed the subscription on 18th /2/2010 for 3 years?

Getting fed up now?


Re: Renewal will not update!


Please call up the Customer Service at 1 866 622 3338.

They will ask you for the Grant number. Please provide the same to them. Ask them to verify your subscription details and get it straightened up ASAP.

All the best.


Re: Renewal will not update!

Thanks for your input.


Re: Renewal will not update!

I can understand your frustration David.

I am sure the  chaps at the Customer service will be able to assist you.

Please mark the answer as helpful/correct if it helped you..