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McAfee site advisor blocking sites with no control


I'm running a trial of the SaaS solution without web monitoring and I must be missing something.  Part of the install process is 'Browser Protection' which appears to be a little too aggresive and I can't find a way to adjust it (ie notify only  or calm down).  It appears to be installed and on or uninstall for off.  Since testing it has blocked access to google once (I can't recall the exact URL, but it was legit) and now it won't allow me to access Microsoft live sites for either the calendar or skydrive (mail and contacts are ok).

See below for calendar (


Skydrive provides the same screen except the content category is 'Personal Network Storage' (still green).

If I log into to try and adjust settings (I assume it is under the policy) I don't have any options. 

Browser options.PNG

The same goes if I log in locally to the agent as an administrator, there are no options under Browser Protection.

I assume there is a setting somewhere that I have missed.  I like the idea of browser protection, something that warns you of dangerous content, but I don't want mcafee to outright block websites (that is why I choose the product without web monitoring).  If someone can point me in the right direction it would be appreciated.


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Re: McAfee site advisor blocking sites with no control

Hi yacopy,

This issue occurs if the web filtering module gets installed on your computer by error.

Please follow the below steps to resolve the issue.

Pleasetry to uninstall and reinstall the McAfee browser protection on thecomputer.

  1. Clickon start, select control panel and open the add/remove software underthe control panel.
  2. Lookfor the McAfee browser protection/site advisor and select it
  3. Removethe service from the computer.
  4. Onceyou have removed the service please restart the computer.

Afteryou have done all the above steps, please proceed with the belowsteps for the installation.

  1. Log in to the online security center
  2. Select Dashboard tab on the top
  3. Click on install protection
  4. Select install protection onto new computers (managed by SecurityCenter)     and in the next option select only the browser protection
  5. Run the file to install the product.
  6. After you have installed, restart the computer and run a manual update.

Please revert back if the issue is not resolved.


Pritish P.

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