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McAfee TOPs 5 note updating!

We have a 175 computers/users spread over 7 offices. We successfully deployed TOPs v5 to all workstations using the push utility, however, hardly any of them seem to be able to receive updates. Also, they're not showing up in the McAfee Security Portal too?

We use a hosted web filter service by Websense but have allowed access to * We think the web filter maybe blocking access but have no idea what sites/urls we need to allow?

Any advise would be apprecaited.

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Re: McAfee TOPs 5 note updating!


If all are subject to the same Websense filtering, and the filtering is the cause, none would update. Can you confirm that in fact none update.


Re: McAfee TOPs 5 note updating!


What operating system are you running on the workstations?

Re: McAfee TOPs 5 note updating!

Hi preecep,

What is teh exact error you get when you try and update the computers ?

Have you set up a relay server ?

Are you using any kind of a Proxy setting?

Please remember that, Automatic Updating does not support a CHAP or NTML Proxy. Total Protection has no feature which allows a username and password to be entered and used to authenticate to the Proxy Server.
For successful updating, the Total Protection client computer must have transparent access to the Internet (No authentication). If the client accesses the Internet through a Proxy server is challenged to authenticate, the update will fail.
Please let me know if the above was helpful.
Thank you

Re: McAfee TOPs 5 note updating!

Thanks for your assistance.

We do indeed use proxy a server (the hosted Websense service) so it looks like all computers arent getting through to the McAfee update servers. I'll try adding some proxy by-pass rules so hopefully the clients can get out to the updates!

Do i simply need to allow * or are there further urls/hosts which are needed for updates?

Re: McAfee TOPs 5 note updating!


Yes, Please allow unrestricted access to and in general terms, Please allow access to anything pertaining to McAfee services.

Like I mentioned in my earlier post, ToPS requires unrestricted access. The users must not have to enter any log on credentials.

Please try it out and let me know how it goes. Also, Please mark the answer as helpful or correct as per your discretion so that others can refer to it as a valid source,

Thank you


Re: McAfee TOPs 5 note updating!

yes that worked, thank you for you support.

by adding * to the proxy by-pass list the machines were able to udpate.

Re: McAfee TOPs 5 note updating!


Thank you for the update !