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McAfee SaaS and 2012 R2 Issue


We usually install the McAfee Viruscan from However we just started testing out 2012 R2 Datacenter and when trying to do the install we get an error that states "Unable to create Event Sink Object. Agent may not be installed properly"

First time having this issue after installing it on 60+ machines.

Anyone know how I can solve this?


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Re: McAfee SaaS and 2012 R2 Issue


1. If you've already tried, make sure to run McAfee's uninstall agent. - Uninstall Instructions:

2. Reboot.

3. Download the silent version of your installer.

4. Store on root of C:\ (ie: Don't run from downloads folder or network share).

5. Install McAfee with silent version of installer.

6. Try to update it (right click on shield, update)

7. If the error persists:

7a. Open command prompt as admin - type following: net stop myagtsvc (enter), net start myagtsvc (enter), net stop mcshield (enter), net start mcshield (enter).

7b. Reset Internet Explorer to default settings.

7c. Try updating defs again.