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McAfee S.a.a.S V5.2

SaaS Mcafee Error.JPGI have recenltly installed S.a.a.S V 5.2 on a HP laptop.  After the installation the CPU was being overutilized by MCSheild.exe process which is my first issue.  Secondly, after the installation I get an error when attempting to make changes in MSCONFIG  utility.  After much troubleshooting  I uninstalled S.a.a.S from the laptop and I was able to make changes in MSCONFIG and the CPU useage returned to normal.

  I then proceeded to uninstall S.a.a.S V 5.2 using the cleanup utility in the McAfee security center and reinstalled McAfee S.a.a.S V5.2.  But I used a differnet approach.  I installed the anti-virus/spyware component first, then browser protection, and last the firewall.  I wanted to see if one of the 3 components of the Security Suite was casuing the CPU to spike.  Fortunately the installation was a success and the CPU seems to operating at a normal pace.

  But I still cannot make changes in MSCONFIG utility.  Heres a screen shot of the error I recieve.  I would really appreciate any feedback.


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McAfee S.a.a.S V5.2


I have read your post.

The error message seems to be regarding the admin user rights. In this case I would like to recommend you to please check the status when McAfee is disabled.

To disable McAfee,

Open command prompt --> Type the command netstop myagtsvc

Now check the status.

To enable McAfee,

Open command prompt --> Type the command netstart myagtsvc

please also try the same by login as an administrator.