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McAfee Endpoint encrypted hard-drive recovery problems


I have a laptop which crashed and is Encrypted by McAfee Endpoint (version 5.1.8), which I'm trying to retrieve the data from, but have the password.

Unfortunately, I dont have the .sdb file. Is there any way around this?

My friend has a laptop which has exactly the same version of the software. Could I extract the sdb file from his, or would this be specific for my computer?

Yours desperately!

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Re: McAfee Endpoint encrypted hard-drive recovery problems

Use Etech recovery file to remove EEPC.Anyother sdb will not work and you will damage your HDD.

Download this from mcafee download site according to your version it will be a zip file burn it on a CD or USB, better is CD.Get code of the day(available on the same download site and specific to your GN onle.Boot laptop from CD and follow the sceenprompts.